Quality housing
quick and cost-efficient

snabbt och kostnadseffektivt

We build


With our patented building system, we construct houses with permanent and fully-equipped apartments.
We build


Industrial production indoors, in a controlled environment, guarantees high quality and cost efficiency.
We build


Already six months after we first break ground, the house can be ready for moving in.

From breaking ground to moving in in 20 seconds.

Our concept

Our mission is to offer space efficient apartments with high quality to an affordable price.
To that end, we have conceived a concept for quick and cost efficient production of permanent, well-designed and fully-equipped dwellings.
The apartments are energy efficient, have good sound comfort and fulfil all building and planning requirements for small apartments.
The concept makes it possible to also build larger apartments, up to 3.5 rooms of 66 square meters.

One of the projects, 280 apartments in Västberga, Stockholm, was in 2017 awarded the architecture prize Nordic Architecture Fair Award.


Produced apartments

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Our architect

Andreas Martin-Löf is a successful architect, responsible for many noticeable projects in the Stockholm area.

Already as a student at KTH Arkitektur, I started being interested in the construction of housing – and how it may be developed. During my first years in practice as an architect, I noticed how very conservative the large Swedish construction companies are when it comes to housing construction

Efficient small apartments

It was therefore rather natural for me to accept when Junior Living asked me if I wanted to take part in developing their concept for efficient small apartments. To contribute to the production of more small and cheaper apartments feels very urgent to me.

The notions of Junior Living

Junior Living had clear notions on construction technology, production and logistics. In close cooperation, we have since developed these ideas to make a good compact living with both sensible functions and attractive design.

Continued development

In 2018, with several concluded projects behind us and new coming in, we may also state that our concept works and is appreciated by both clients and inhabitants. The concept is now being developed into larger apartments for families or, for instance, room mates.

Our target groups

We mostly target developers, property owners and municipalities.

Our method

The pillars of our method are: High quality, speed and cost efficiency. In practice, this means well-designed permanent apartments with good choices of material, prefabricated indoors in a Swedish factory. Our houses are as a rule ready to move into six to eight months after breaking ground and we build up to around 40% cheaper than the going rate.

Short construction period

Short construction period and less material waste.

Made in Sweden

Prefabrication indoors in Sweden under ideal and dry conditions.

Complete and functional

The apartments are built complete and functional with bathroom, kitchen, storage and balcony.

Well-defined and tuned

A well-defined construction process, where every operation and installation is tuned up.

Standardized and efficient

Standardized an fully-equipped apartment models mean efficiency in materials purchases, logistics and transports.


The ready-made apartments are placed in architect-designed frames, adjusted to the site in question and the prevailing light conditions.

Fulfils requirements

Our housing fulfils all housing and planning requirements for small apartments.


Patented construction system which enables dismantling.

Cost efficient

Up to 40 per cent cheaper than the going rate.

An apartment is put in place

When the frame is built, the apartments are assembled. Every unit is connected to plumbing and electricity and then closed pending inspection and occupancy.

Smart Living

During 2017-2018, Junior Living constructed a hotel near Barkarby Commercial Centre. We built 155 hotel rooms with two apartment naves with a corridor and a total of four floors. The central and interconnecting entry hall contains a reception on the ground floor, a conference section, a gym with a sauna, and a laundry room for long stay guests on a floor each.

Contact us

You are always welcome to contact us with any questions or thoughts.
You can use the contact form, call 08-205750 or send an e-mail to info@juniorliving.se