We build housing, both tenancy and condominiums. Junior Living’s concept, in combination with our patented construction system, guarantees high quality, good design, quick and cost efficient production.

Råcksta and Norra Ängby

Junior Living and Svenska Bostäder are building 381 lapartments in Råcksta and Norra Ängby!

In June of 2018, Junior Living and Svenska Bostäder started building 247 fine apartments in Råcksta. After the Summer, another 134 apartments will commence in nearby Norra Ängby. They will be studios with Junior Living’s concept, where efficiency and quality work together. In this project, we are also working with the noted Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter. The project, called Snabba Hus (Quick Houses) are aimed at young adults, the group who find it the hardest to enter the housing market in Stockholm. For our latest project together, Snabba Hus in Västberga, Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter was awarded the prize Nordic Architecture Fair Award 2017.

Upplands Väsby

In Upplands Väsby, the construction of Eda 2, Junior Living’s second condominium project, has just started.

The project covers 92 studios with high quality of design and material. All apartments are 33 square metres, with a floor plan that enables space for rooms with a fully-equipped kitchen, sleeping alcove, tiled bathroom and balcony. The site is carefully chosen, only a stone’s throw from the city of Väsby and with ten minutes by commuter’s train to Arlanda airport and about 30 minutes to Stockholm.
Occupancy is planned for the end of December, 2018.

High demand for the Junior Living concept

As a newly started construction company, we could never have believed that requests would start coming in so fast. We have already built 551 apartments and signed contracts to build another 775. All of them are architect-designed studios with bathroom, kitchen and their own balcony.

Completed projects: 551 apartments

Veddesta Hotel, 155 hotel rooms.
Handed over to the client in May, 2018. Developer: BRF Junior Suites

Knivsta, 124 apartments.
Condominiums, sold out and all moved in. Developer: Junior Living/Brf Eda 1

Västberga, 272 apartments.
Tenancies. Moved in Summer of 2016. Developer: Svenska Bostäder/Snabba Hus

Ongoing projects: 381 apartments

Råcksta and Norra Ängby, 247 plus 134 apartments.
Tenancies. Construction commenced in June, 2018. Developer: Svenska Bostäder/Snabba Hus

Upplands Väsby, 92 apartments.
Condominiums, construction and occupancy in 2018. Developer: Brf Eda 2

Upcoming projects: 493 apartments

Upplands Väsby, Hotel, 193 hotel rooms.

Uppsala, Librobäck, 108 apartments.
Condominiums, consultation during August, 2018. Developer: Brf Eda 3

Gamla Uppsala, 193 apartments.
Tenancies, detailed plan expected to gain legal force after Summer of 2018. Estimated construction start, 2019. Developer: Junior Living


Apart from housing, Junior Living also constructs different hotel concepts. With our way of building, we offer customized hotel solutions which can be realised quickly and cost-efficiently. The size of the module is somewhat smaller than the apartments, 25 square metres, but still also have the possibility of having a kitchen.


During 2017-2018, Junior Living constructed a hotel near Barkarby Commercial Centre. We built 155 hotel rooms with two apartment naves with a corridor and a total of four floors. The central and interconnecting entry hall contains a reception on the ground floor, a conference section, a gym with a sauna, and a laundry room for long stay guests on a floor each.
All rooms have a fully-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and a balcony. HOOM HOTEL runs the business, which opened at the end of April, 2018.

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